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All About Life Change

We are so excited to share with you all that God has done through VRL in the 2019 ministry year. Though numbers can provide important information, the facts, figures, and statistics we are sharing with you on this annual report represent lives being changed!

It takes all of us working together to reach the world for Jesus one person at a time. What is your next step?

-Alison Eldred, Executive of Operations

Accept - Taking First Steps

Accepting Jesus as Lord of our life is the first step in the process of following Jesus and becoming a disciple. This step includes being baptized and committing to be a part of the family of God. Many who come to faith in Jesus also join the Valley Real Life family and make the decision to worship together with us each week.

Average Attendees

New Members

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Inspired to Share the Good News

Zach is a sophomore at Central Valley High School this year. He went to the Christ in Youth (CIY) for the first time last year and didn’t know what to expect - he had a blast, experienced God in a new and powerful way and was baptized upon returning home. Going into his first year of high school, he saw so many people struggling with life, so this year at CIY, he intentionally wanted to learn more about how to share his faith and help others meet Jesus the way he has. He came away empowered to love people where they are and share his faith when opportunities are presented. He is excited to see what God has planned for him and those who God puts in his path over the next year!

- Zach Szymanski

Belong - Finding Your Place

Discipleship does not only happen during our weekend services. It also happens as people make connections and find their place in 1 on 1 relationships and small groups. This year has brought group growth in Men's, Women's, Recovery, Student, and Community groups. Being a part of a group provides a safe place to grow in your discipleship journey, ask questions, and even minister to others.

Small Groups

Rooted Groups

Small Group Members
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Belonging at the Otis Campus

Cindy is a teacher at Otis Elementary. Cindy found out about the Otis campus from our service outreach opportunities throughout the school year. Cindy decided to come and check us out, and thankfully for us she has never left! Cindy has now found a place to belong in her community by volunteering weekly at the Otis campus and being a huge part of the success of our VBS program this last June. Cindy knows she belongs, and she's helping others to feel that they can belong too.

- Cindy McCauley

Contribute - Giving Back

Contributing to God's Kingdom through Valley Real Life is done in many ways. Whether it is time, talents, or treasure, we are thankful to each and every person who has contributed to VRL over this past year to minister to those in need and spread the Gospel.


Debt Paid Off

New Givers
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Helping Those in Need

Dave and Jan Roseleip have been anchors in our local outreach as they contribute their spiritual gifts as well as a great deal of time. Jan heads up our ministry in the schools and has invested hours with the staff and students to create a unique culture as well as demonstrating the love of Christ. Dave has been point for our Human Trafficking outreach. He is continually meeting with our local partners, civic leaders, and police department members to create avenues to help people in our church get engaged.

- Dave & Jan Roseleip

Disciple - Leading Others

Discipleship includes both being and making disciples.  As we follow Jesus, we learn how to become "Fishers of Men."  This year, God has expanded VRL beyond on building in one city and has established an impact worldwide...but it all started with disciple makers right here.

New Campus Launched

Short-Term Mission Participants

International Partnerships
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Showing Others the Way to Jesus

Michelle has been invested in women as they walk on their recovery journey and has been instrumental in helping many women grow in their faith and find the care they need each week. Her compassion and warm heart exemplifies the love of Christ to those going through their darkest times.

- Michelle Demara


Interested in learning about or scheduling a baptism? Get in touch with us to talk to a pastor.

DNA Class

The first step in finding where you belong at VRL is by attneding the DNA class. Find info on the next available class here.


For more information on where you can contribute your time and talents, drop us a line. To contribute financially or manage your existing online giving, go here.