Anxious For Nothing

I just wanted to say thank you for the “Anxious For Nothing” series.

Just prior to this, my husband Jake was struggling with his first experience with panic attacks. He served (and is still active) with the US Army and spent 2 years in Afghanistan and had a lot of life experiences in the past, yet the last 6 months something changed where he started panicking/worrying about everything to a point where he couldn’t leave the house. This series came at a point in his life that was truly life-saving. He has been training with the WA National Guard for the last 2 weeks, but has been keeping up on line and continually says how he feels CALM and that God is giving him what he needs when he needs it!

Last week (Mother’s day) was a really hard week for us as a family. Five years ago, we had a stillborn child named Jackson, since then, mothers day has been bitter sweet. I volunteer in KidMin and last week we had a kiddo whose brother just passed away, also a stillborn I believe. It’s been weighing on me heavily over the last week, I never want anyone to experience what I have and seeing this kiddo reminded me of how my son processed the death of his brother. It was hard, but all that to say this:

When my son passed away, I considered myself a “lukewarm” Christian: I rarely turned to God for anything, yet I still had faith in God and Jesus. About this time in 2014, I randomly (not so random) decided to turn to the Bible and the page I turned to was Matthew 6. After I read verses 25-27, I looked up and there were 3 robins sitting on my porch! That was the day that I was saved again.

Because of the events that happened for Mothers Day last week, I felt really blessed when Dan camped out on these exact verses today. The whole series has been so helpful for our family, and I just wanted to say thank you.

Also, I don’t know the family who just experienced the death of their child, although I do have a good relationship with the kiddo, but they have been in my prayers. I know they are well taken care of by our church, but I do want to submit a special prayer request for the whole family.   

Thank you again,  

Hannah Graves