Fight - Winning the Battles that Matter Most

Starting June 2nd, Mens Study will uncover who you really are, a man created in the image of God with a warrior’s heart and hot to fight the good fight for what’s right.

Celebrate Recovery

Are you struggling with hurts, habits or hang-ups? We have a safe environment online each Monday night for all who attend where acceptance, love and forgiveness will be present.

Online Men's Study

Find it difficult to attend a regularly scheduled Men’s Bible Study because of your schedule? Is meeting up with guys to study God’s word easier and less intimidating for you online, instead of in person? Join one of our groups online to study God’s word consistently with other men through the YouVersion Bible App.

MOVE 2020

Summer Conference is still on! Current 8th-12th Grade Students come be part of our High School Summer Conference - MOVE this summer, July 26th-August 1st, in Corvallis Oregon on the Oregon State University Campus. Cost is $450. A $100 deposit is required with your online registration form to hold your spot. Registration opens on May 13th at 7:30pm.

MIX 2020

MIX is still on! Current 5th – 7th Grade Students come be part of our Middle School Summer Conference - MIX this summer, August 3rd - 7th in Stanwood, Washington at Warm Beach Camp. Cost is $450. A $100 deposit is required with your online registration form to hold your spot. Registration opens on May 13th at 7:30pm.

Kids Camp 2020

Kids Camp 2020 registration is open! August 15-18, 4th-5th graders will blob, zipline, swim, kayak, learn, worship, and party with all their friends. Send your kids to Silver Lake Bible Camp to learn how God used an ordinary fisherman named Peter to share His message with the world. How will God use you?!

Betrayal & Beyond

Betrayal & Beyond on Tuesdays is designed to help bring healing to women who have experienced betrayal and broken trust through their spouse's struggle with pornography and sexual addiction.

SAVAnon: Sexual Abuse Anonymous

Starting May 26th, SAVanon will offer an 8 Week online zoom recovery groups for those women who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. In this group,they will be using the "Victims No More Handbook," victims will learn how to recover from the trauma they experienced. There is no cost to join the group.

Authentic Manhood – 33 The Series

Join us online, beginning May 3, on a journey to Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus in His 33 years on earth. 33 The Series provides practical insights and Biblical principles that teaches men to live the life of truth, passion and purpose, that they were created to live.

SoulCon Challenge

Soulcon Challenge "Warrior" begins June 8th. A 6 week unique and inspiring challenge for men to learn how to live every day the rest of your life with your SOUL in the CONtrol of the Holy Spirit.

VRL Moms

Valley Real Life Moms are gathering together virtually. Gather together through Zoom for connection.

Pure Desire

There is a battle going on with millions of victims trapped in the struggle of sexual addiction with no apparent way out. Pure Desire is the answer. Offered Online on Tuesday & Fridays.