Joy to the World

A VRL Special Christmas Offering

Each year, 100% of what is given during the Christmas services goes outside the walls of Valley Real Life to make a difference in the community and the world.  Throughout Scripture, God reminds us to care for our neighbors. We want to help everyone in our congregation do that by inviting you to help provide clean, safe drinking water to the people of Uganda and the Philippines.

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Aiming to Raise $200,000!


Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these ... you did for me.
Matthew 25:40

Uganda - Fund 28 Wells

We will provide one well for each of the 28 church plants from our VRL partner, Lving Spring Church.
Cost per well: $6,000

Philippines - Water Filling Station

We will provide a place for people to get clean water and provide an outreach for those in the community. The water filling station will be ran and maintained by our VRL partner, Covenant City Church.
Cost: $32,000


Why 28 wells?

Ronald, our partner in Uganda has planted 32 churches and only 4 of them have access to clean water. We are providing one well for each of the 28 churches.

Who builds the wells?

Living Spring Church, our partner, has contacted a company in Uganda that has built a few for them in the past. They are reliable and provide a good product at a good price.

How many people will access the water?

Although each church will care for the well, the water is available to the entire community which is typically 6,000 – 10,000 people.

Can I buy an entire well?

Yes. The average cost is $6,000, or you can donate any portion of that cost.

How is this money used?

100% of the funds goes to our Joy to the World initiative.

What if additional money is raised?

Our Uganda partner has identified other villages with the same need that we will continue to build wells. In the Philippines, we will purchase a water delivery truck to take clean water to the outlying areas. All money though will go to provide safe water.

How can I give?

1. You can give online at: Here
2. You can write a check and give at the church—put “Joy to the World” in the memo line please.
3. You can give cash in our special “Joy to the World” envelopes.

What is a water refilling station?

In the Philippines, tap water is not drinkable so the people tend to go to a station that looks like a storefront. This business filters the water and sells it at an affordable price. Covenant City Church, our partner, will manage this station.

If I have more questions, who can I talk with?

Steve Allen, VRL Outreach pastor

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