Joy to the World

A VRL Special Christmas Offering

Each year, 100% of what is given during the Christmas services goes outside the walls of Valley Real Life to make a difference in the community and the world.  Throughout Scripture, God reminds us to care for our neighbors. We want to help everyone in our congregation do that by inviting you to eliminate the medical debt of our most burdened neighbors across the Inland Northwest from healthcare costs they can't repay.
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How does this work?

VRL is partnering with RIP Medical Debt to extend a helping hand by eliminating the burden of medical debt for individuals, veterans, and families across our region who have medical bills they cannot pay. Every $100 donated eliminates $10,000 of debilitating medical debt.

Who are we helping?

Because of the way RIP Medical Debt structures their debt, we are able to help individuals who make less than 2 times the federal poverty level and who have significant financial hardship. In many cases, these people have no other solutions.


Did VRL choose the families?

VRL is not able to choose the families receiving medical debt forgiveness. The families are part of independently negotiated and purchased medical debt portfolios owned by RIP Medical Debt. There is no religious requirement for forgiveness.

Can I apply?

Because VRL does not choose the families receiving medical debt, there is no application process to include your debt in the portfolio. However, if you are struggling with the weight of medical debt, RIP Medical offers a variety of resources on their website you may find helpful.

Do you know if my debt is included?

Due to privacy limitations, VRL does not see the names of those on the list of forgiven debts. Those whose debts are paid will receive a letter notifying them their debt has been paid directly from RIP Medical.

Is RIP Medical Debt a reputable company?

RIP Medical debt is reputable company that many churches have partnered with to accomplish similar goals. They are committed to financial transparency and publish their audited financials on their website each year.

RIP Medical Debt

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