Running Toward My Faith

First, many of us don’t take enough time to say we are grateful.  I am one of them.

To put it in context I have to share a bit of my story. I want to take the time to say I’m really happy with my experiences at VRL so far. After my divorce I felt a pull toward my prior church. As I once told a friend, during hard times it seems people either run toward or away from their faith. I ran toward. My faith has grown more in the last year then I could have imagined. After about six months I felt I needed a change. I felt like my growth was flattening. I tried VRL at the recommendation of a friend. In summary, you have sparked the growth again. I am more “rooted” than ever. I am writing now because of today’s sermon. I was never a “singer” because I’m terrible. At VRL I sing louder every week. I go home and listen to the songs on YouTube. I was never one to feel the need to hold my hands out with my palms up. Now it just happens. I don’t try to do it rather I can’t stop it. For watering my roots, for sparking a new phase of my faith journey and for all that you do I simply say THANK YOU and I am GRATEFUL for all that the VRL team does. Thanks be to GOD for putting the VRL team on earth and thanks be to GOD for giving you all the incredible talents to spread his word.

Thanks again